Under the Viaducts in the Mill Creek Valley, Part 2

I looked at some of the industrial areas under the bridges and viaducts that cross over the Mill Creek Valley and its extensions west previously. Now we will look at some redevelopment around Grand Boulevard.

Some of the buildings that have been sitting abandoned for decades, or just a few years, around Highway 40’s western elevated lanes are being renovated in the near future. Take the old abandoned Rock Spring School (there was a cemetery by that name nearby, as well); it is apparently going to be renovated into “boutique offices” soon.

It is a smaller William Ittner composition, but I still like, and I’m glad it won’t be demolished.

Not sure about the giant billboard towering over it, though.

Nearby the iconic, landmark Armory is also undergoing a massive renovation, and it will become offices.

Personally, since it was built with taxpayer money, for public use, and is being renovated using taxpayer subsidies, I think it should have been kept open for public use. I guess that makes me a Marxist or something.

There are going to be restaurants and more “open space,” but don’t expect and concerts anymore.

Across the Highway 40 viaduct, the Foundry development, by Steve Smith’s Lawrence Group (read a short interview with him here), is coming along, as well.

It is unfortunate that there is the noise and pollution of an interstate with limited, screwy entrances and exits, cutting right through the middle of this.

Do any readers remember the days before the elevated lanes were built?

Read part Three in the series here.

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  1. Brooke M Petryka says:

    I think I read that Rock Spring was recently sold to be renovated into apartments…

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