Union Boulevard, Walnut Park

Upate: I went back in June of 2021 to see how the street was doing.

I realized almost all of the houses on Union Boulevard between Interstate 70 and West Florissant Avenue in Walnut Park are wood frame houses. For some reason, this stretch of street was built up early. Unfortunately, now they are falling victim to fires, abandonment and demolition earlier than the surrounding area, as well. It is very sad.

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  1. David says:

    I grew up at 5322 Geraldine Ave one block east of Union. Union had everything you needed. On the corner of Thelka and Union was a drug store with an old fashion soda fountain that served phosphates. There was also a cleaners and market on the corner. One block east at Harney and Union was a hardware store and a piano store (can you image?). One block east at Harney and Geraldine was a bakery and can you believe this: the first and original Schnucks grocery store was right there at Harney and Geraldine. It’s an empty lot now with no note of it’s history. When I’m gone, who will know?

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      David, this is so interesting! I have been wanting to learn more about Walnut Park.

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