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  1. Point taken BUT… I'm a homeowner and never think to shovel the public sidewalk. Nothing but laziness on my part, and that the sun will melt it on Mother Nature's part.

  2. These folks may simply be on vacation. And I know what most ordinances say, but frankly public sidewalks should be maintained by those who maintain our streets.

  3. Chris says:

    The tenants were not on vacation; the properties are owned by a man who lives in California, and a man who lives in Fairview Heights. They are consummate slumlords, who poorly maintain their properties and rent to drug dealers and criminals who have attacked my law-abiding neighborsMany disabled and elderly people walk by my house on a regular basis; I consider it a civic duty to shovel my sidewalks.

  4. If you desire another persons walk to be shoveled, shovel it! Or mind your own business!

  5. Amy in StL says:

    I would think the tenants would shovel their walk. A lot of folks in the city don't shovel.I've thought since moving back that The City of St. Louis should have an ordinance like some northern cities that require cleaning of sidewalks within 48 hrs of the last snowfall. Otherwise the city cleans the walk and charges the homeowner for the service.

  6. Michael says:

    I did not shovel my sidewalk this week because the ice would not yield, so I let it go. Usually my neighbors and I shovel, but this week was not the normal snow accumulation that's easy to remove.

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