Utah Street Between Nebraska and California Avenues, North Side, Benton Park West, Fall 2020

I’ve actually photographed this stretch below back in May of 2017, but I thought it would be worthwhile to look at these stately buildings again. As I’ve mentioned before,

What I think these buildings below can teach us is that commercial and residential buildings can work together stylistically, and can even harmonize together in the street wall.

I love how these four family flats, like the one above, have the skinny windows showing how there is a dividing wall behind the front faade.

Heading east, there is a bit of a disjoint as the north-south street of Oregon dominates the street wall, so we see the side of this two-family apartment below.

Then there is this amazing building, that has been impeccably restored that faced both the east-west Utah as well as the north-south California.

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