Oregon Avenue Between Wyoming and Utah Streets, Benton Park West, Fall 2020

Heading south of Wyoming and looking at the east side of Oregon, there are more of the typical and stout Romanesque Revival houses and two-family flat apartment buildings.

There are also still some Second Empire buildings, as well.

There is that normal transition from wood-based decoration to brick and terracotta-based ornamentation.

There is some rehabbing but also some abandoned buildings.

There is an interesting situation here where there is a business that has moved into this four-family apartment building and the one-story warehouse to its left.

Turning around at Utah Street and heading back north to look at the west side of the street, we see this large four-family apartment building.

The hose above almost certainly had a front porch roof originally, and a bay window that projected out. It was simplified at some point when those wood elements rotted off.

The two houses on the right below have clearly had some major brickwork done on their front faades either in the past or very recently.

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