Waltmire Bridge, Tremont, Tazewell County, Illinois

2015-08-14 13.20.02

Built in 1910, the old Waltmire Bridge has been closed for what seems to be decades. Why was it here? The road is desolate, and few people live around here. We assumed that newer highways replaced the traffic needs of this bridge. There just is not enough money to fix everything out in the country. But the bridge sits in resplendent isolation, viewed by only the lucky few who follow the dead end road.

2015-08-14 13.20.24 2015-08-14 13.20.30

2015-08-14 13.21.20

2015-08-14 13.22.17 2015-08-14 13.22.28 2015-08-14 13.22.35

2015-08-14 13.23.23 2015-08-14 13.23.51

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  1. Tanner says:

    I live on that property. It’s a beautiful place.

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