Wapsipinicon Mill, Independence, Iowa

Occasionally, I kick myself for coming within one block or less of some amazing building and totally missing it. That is certainly the case of the historic Wapsipinicon Mill in Independence, Iowa, which I drove within about five hundred feet in 2011 and 2018 without even noticing. I corrected those mistakes this visit, and extensively photographed this spectacular structure.

Located on the river that bears its name, there was actually another mill, whose foundations still exist on the east side, opposite the downtown of Independence.

It is on the National Register, for obvious reasons, which you can read here.

The foundations seem to be granite, then switch to that famous Turkey River limestone that we see in the area, particularly notably at Clermont or Montauk, before transitioning to an interesting shade of brick above the stone sill.

A large wood dormer completes the composition. I would call the style Italianate.

It was constructed in 1867, and survived a fire; it is now preserved by the people of Independence, who wisely realized that protecting this invaluable piece of history and architecture makes their town richer.

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