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  1. That is the old Rexall Drug Company warehouse and office at Kingshighway and Natural Bridge. What is it used for now? While I've not been up there in years, I thought it had been razed. It is interesting that it is still the same color as when I was a kid – and, for that matter, still viable and occupied.Rexall was quite the player in the first half of the last Century. At one point there were more of its franchised drug stores than McDonalds currently has US outlets!It was outdone by cut rate places, among which arose the 1K# gorilla-in-the-room of today – Walgreens.

  2. Peter Wollenberg says:

    I have had several occasions now to drive past this remarkable structure. It is really a big part of the commercial-industrial history of this area and am glad it still exists. It needs a new use (and paint job) that helps to enliven the area.
    Thank you, Chris for all that you do!

  3. Cleophus Sneed Jr says:

    Who owns it? Is it for sale?

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