Weird and Wonderful Tower Grove South: South Spring Avenue Between Potomac Street and Gravois Avenue, East Side

Formerly Cabanne and Morrow avenues, South Spring Street forms part of a rare part of Tower Grove South, where the north-south streets are dominant, most likely due to being laid out relatively early right off Gravois it seems before the rest of the neighborhood.

But despite being laid out early the east side of the street seems to have been built at the beginning of the Twentieth Century, like much of the rest of the neighborhood.

There’s your typical one and two-story houses with red brick sides but increasingly a wide variety of different color fronts, including buff, orange and dark brown.

We also see a rarity in Tower Grove South: an abandoned house.

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  1. david clohessy says:

    hey, have you ever looked at our tiny, fascinating Ellendale neighborhood, which consists of 6-8 short streets west of McCausland that dead end into the RR tracks separating Maplewood from the city?

    1. cnaffziger says:

      I am definitely interested in all the different parts that make up Ellendale!

      1. david clohessy says:

        Thanks much. FYI the long vacant Wilkinson School on Arsenal west of McCausland is now renovated as Apartments

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