West From Castlewood


Many of the old lodges from the resort era at Castlewood still stand over on New Ballwin Road, but I’ve noticed an interesting trend recently. As can be seen below, in-fill housing, made to look like traditional architecture, has begun to pop up.


Back over to Sherman Beach, the water was low again, just like the last time I had visited.

Massive pieces of driftwood had piled themselves along the beach, which again was mostly revealed due to low water levels.


I really like this bridge; once the “main street” out this way, the railroad now just passes through.




It doesn’t show well in this picture, but the huge swaths of gravel mined out of the river banks have left huge hollows in the earth.


And yet again, I return to the Philip Kaes House, which still sits empty. You have to cross private property to get to it, so these tantalizingly distant photos were all I could get, again.


It seems like such a waste for it to sit empty. You might notice the stone portion in the back.


And then there is this huge hunk of aggregate stone, either asphalt or low grade concrete. I have no idea why it is here.


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  1. CfR says:

    Funny, I have ridden my mountain bike up and over that asphalt hump from your last photo numerous times. Next time you get out that way, you should check out the river banks at the base of the old “Zombie/Lawler Ford Road”, now known as the Rock Hollow Trail. Specifically, because their is a sunken/run-aground sand barge that is right on the banks. It is washed up next to some very large concrete embankments on the river shore – it is fascinating to walk down and explore all around it. It isn’t very hard to find, either.

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