West High Street, Peoria, Revisited

More precisely, this should be West High Street revisited, and in the first several pictures, an introduction to Moss Avenue, which continues further west along the bluff line above downtown Peoria.

The houses along Moss Avenue are from the Twentieth Century, and are in good shape, showing evidence of being renovated like their earlier counterparts to the east.

An Italianate house below shows the switch to the Nineteenth Century below.

Update: I went back and revisited Moss Avenue in this post from July of 2021.

North Sheridan Road separates Moss Avenue from West High Street and there is this wonderful carriage house that I saw below. Note the horses heads above the doors, painted white. We saw these in the old police stations in St. Louis, such as the one in Tower Grove East in St. Louis.

Then, I was able to photograph some new houses that I had not done in the past, as well as some old favorites. They are some of the best examples of Victorian Period architecture in the Midwest that I have seen.

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