Western Ridge, Cragwold Estate Animal Park


Proceeding south from the field surrounding the mansion, the original animal park that Edwin Lemp used to breed and keep exotic animals is largely intact, and the crags that gave the name to his estate still awe visitors along the ridge line, which looks out over the Meramec Valley. It drops down steeply to the east as well, into a hollow that plunges down at least one hundred feet.


The stone above, creeping down the hill, shows the limestone strata that typify this area, once a large inland sea.


Farmland has been regrettably replaced by the sprawl of the former Chrysler Plant, now demolished, and an industrial park.


But the beauty of the area still shows why so many famous families chose this area for their country estates.


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  1. Charlie says:

    My kids and I hike there several times a month, and I always fantasize about how beautiful the view must have been. It’s still a great place to escape for a while. Thanks for posting.

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