Winkelmann Mansion Property For Sale, and Other Follies

Update: Construction on the “green” houses started back up again in mid to late 2019.

Oh hey, if you’d like to buy the vacant lot at the corner of St. Louis Avenue and 20th Street, it’s for sale, minus the historic mansion that Paul McKee let collapse and be demolished back in 2013.

Meanwhile, another great example of outsiders experimenting in predominantly African-American neighborhoods is proceeding, well, about as well as I would expect. The progress on three “green” houses has clearly ground to a halt.

I wonder how long before they go up in flames in a “mysterious” fire. Two months? Four months? I’m surprised they haven’t been trashed yet. One thing is for sure, the nightly news will have some nice grainy, pixelated footage of the culprits for nightly news to show when they do.

The most “environmentally friendly” action would have been to save the houses that were already there, as Rob Powers documented in his Master’s Thesis so many years ago.

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