Congregation Zephran David

Kingshighway, Oak Grove, Northside 026

Originally in the Near North Side on Dayton near Leffingwell, the Congregation Zephran David moved out to the West End in the 1920-30s. The construction date in the City’s records is clearly wrong at 1900, since the Sanborn maps show this as a house at this address. The 1900 date is probably for the earlier structure. There are tons of old synagogues in the West End, and they tend to stick out due to their unique designs (the Hebrew inscriptions and Menorahs in stained glass help, too).Rabbi A. Rubinsky became Rabbi in 1925, and the most likely date is 1935 for occupation.

Kingshighway, Oak Grove, Northside 027

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  2. Rabbi Jeffrey Stiffman says:

    The correct name is “Congregation Zichron (not Zephran) David. That is the Hebrew on the front of the buuilding. “Zichron” means “memory.” This could translate as “Congregation in Memory of David.” This might refer to King David in the Bible or some other David related to the congregation

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