• I love Apartment Ratings.com! Though I don’t look at it much any more since I own a house.

      The stellar reviews clearly written by management are the best; nothing suspicious about a glowing review written using industry jargon!

    • I’ve noticed that over the last 20 years or so, service professionals such as apt. management and retail staff have been increasingly less helpful than was once expected and received. Whether that’s is due to the appallingly low pay the average American is recompensed for their labor, or some generational shift in what personal and professional responsibility is necessary to ensure proper service I am unsure, but it is something notable. Personally, I’m going with crap wages/salaries driving the insouciant attitudes of our younger citizens. Frankly, I can’t blame our younger generations for not giving a f*** about their employers, or their employment, considering the pay and working conditions at many jobs these days. As for the student residents, it sounds as if the cabal of spoiled, suburban (wealthy) Catholic boys and girls need a spanking–but good. (Before any readers chastise me over my “anti-Catholic” sentiment, I grew up Catholic, and the wealthiest amongst us were the WORST: self-absorbed, entitled, and selfish bullies, from the mater and pater down to the wastrels they spawned. Granted, this is a generalization, and not all wealthy Catholics are d****, and many are quite nice, and do well by others. But I wouldn’t be saying these things if I thought my opinion weren’t composed of healthy portions of truth).

      The elevators being down should have been brought to the attention of the City Building Div.–tout suite!

  1. Always reminded me of the SWBT building at 1010 Pine. It’s another classy old office building. It used to be the tallest in St. L. at one time.

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