Former Wagoner Place Methodist Church

Wagoner Place Methodist Church is one of those buildings that I’ve seen in other photographs in the Greater Ville neighborhood, but for some reason I had never gone by to see myself.

It has a Sunday School wing that is ingeniously incorporated into the backside of the church. Like many Protestant denominations in St. Louis outside of Roman Catholicism and Lutheranism, the church is more of an auditorium instead of a cruciform plan.

And like many of those Protestant denominations from the late Nineteenth Century, it chooses the Romanesque Revival style.

I think the tower is the strongest element of the design of the church.

It was later the New Rock Missionary Baptist Church from 1969.

Wagoner Place was at the center of unconstitutional racist covenants and civil rights after World War II; eventually those covenants were thrown out by the Supreme Court and the area was desegregated. Wagoner Place was renamed Dick Gregory Place in honor of one of the activists who worked in the area.


  1. Looks like there’s 2 layers of asphalt shingle roofs on top of the original slate roof on the tower?

    • I think you’re right. You’d be amazed at how many original roofs are hiding under layers of later shingles.

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