Krey’s Packing Plant, Hyde Park

Not all meat packing and processing occurred across the river in National City; Hyde Park was known as a packing district well into the 1970’s, when Krey’s closed in 1978.

The building has really fallen on hard times; it is now some sort of scrapping company.  Still, interesting glazed terracotta elements still show off their faded luster.

This crumbling wood structure seems to have been an air conditioning or refrigeration unit.

Much of the building is in very bad shape, with crumbling walls and plants growing out of the roof.

I suspect the twin smokestacks were once much taller, but were truncated at some point due to deterioration.

You can read the obituary of the last president here.



  1. does anyone know a Ms. Stephanie Krey of the Krey meat packing company? She was engaged to my boss when I left C.Schmitt Rolls Royce and I never heard if they married but I was curious- thanks in advance for any info.

  2. This is very interesting to learn about the Krey Meat Packing Company in St. Louis, Missouri. I appreciate your historical research and nice images. I should check out the rest of your website. (I arrived here for the Krey name google search.) Thank you for caring enough to create a creative, interesting and historical website.

  3. Yes,My grandfather,John W Arnzen,Worked at Krey Packing in St Louis in 1930s,Then went to the Dubuque Packing Co (Walhert) family owned by in Dubuque Iowa in beginning of its operation in 1939.

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