More Remnants, Hyde Park Brewery

I had recently covered what I believe to be old offices and warehouses of the Hyde Park Brewery, whose historic brew house at Salisbury and North Florissant was demolished decades ago. But many of the auxiliary buildings are still standing, and are still occupied.

For example, the buildings labeled on the Sanborn maps as the stables are still standing, though some of the windows have been bricked up.

They are classic examples of brewery buildings designed by the Edmund Jungenfeld successor firm of Widmann, Walsh and Boiselier, which also designed many of the most important buildings at the Anheuser-Busch Brewery.

This old photograph shows the towering brew house and the old Bethlehem Lutheran before its towers were simplified. The towering steel smokestack would have been secured with guy-wires. Below are more details of the stables.


South of Mallinckrodt are what I believe to be more brewery buildings, which are probably loading docks for delivery trucks.

Finally, here is a storefront across the street, that very well might have once sold Hyde Park Beer originally, or even have been a tavern.

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