New Clark County Courthouse, Kahoka



Gotta love Post-Modernism, huh?  Why, the new courthouse looks just as good as the old one!  OK, I’m being sarcastic.  I wonder how long this new one will last?  By the way, for all of us sentimental types, they saved the cupola from the old building.  Last I heard it was for sale.


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  1. samizdat

    02/15/2013, 08:18 am

    UGH! The fenestratinon, it buuuurrrnsss! Good god, where does one even start? The sphincter-sized windows (as they relate to the rest of the facade)? The “quoins”? The over-sized, all-out-of-proportion, OOOOH, look it’s a courthouse columns? (Bet they aren’t even real limestone). The superfluous and wholly anachronistic widow’s walk? The flag pole practically shoved up the facade wazoo? (Seriously, who puts a flag-pole this close to a public building? Put it off to the side; and maybe get a taller one, saaaay…taller than the building!)

    Maybe it’s energy efficient, and has a tight envelope, like a Passivhaus, with swales to collect the run-off from the parking lot…

    Who am I kidding?!

  2. RyleyinSTL

    02/15/2013, 05:32 pm

    What the what?! I realize that Illinois is broke due to their ineptitude but if they needed to save money this BADLY why not just go nuclear and build a box with red iron and tin and call it a day. That would save big $$$ and they wouldn’t look as if they tried and failed so miserably.

    • samizdat

      02/16/2013, 10:09 am

      Kahoka, MO. But still, this thing is a collection of parts, erected atop a foundation. Like the comment about what is essentially the defacto method of cheap construction for farms, small businesses and storage in rural areas (and some urban/suburban).

      • Chris Naffziger

        02/16/2013, 08:10 pm

        I think you bring up a good point; rural areas never had any problem building quality buildings in the past, but everything new I see in the country is junk. What happened?


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