Old Bonhomme Church

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Old Bonhomme Church is one of those pleasant surprises tucked away on one of the oldest roads in St. Louis County, Conway Road.  Conway, and others, came together to construct a truly unique, vernacular structure, whose format was almost completely unique in the area.  The upstairs is the church, and the downstairs is the school.  In many ways, it is the best type of architecture: the result of ingenuity and personal dedication that built a beautiful structure outside the realm of professional architecture or design.  An early recipient of National Register Status, it has certainly come a long way since the 1960’s when it was described to be in severe disrepair and the target of vandalism.  It is kept safe by the nearby congregation that still flourishes along Highway 40.

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  1. I lived near there in the late ’60s-early ’80s. That congregation was very dedicated in its restoration. I used to take my young daughters there as sort of a history lesson; we’d pack some sammywiches and tea and have a quiet little picnic and talk about “olden times.”
    Sometimes (OK-many times) Daddy’s desires and intentions, while laudable, were not well-received by young ‘uns…

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