Old St. Edward’s Roman Catholic Church

The beautiful former St. Edward’s Roman Catholic Church, at the corner of Clara and Maffitt, is now owned by Perpetual Praise and Worship Ministries.

It was created in 1893, and closed in 1992, when it and a host of other northside parishes were folded into “New” St. Augustine’s, the former St. Barbara’s in nearby Hamilton Heights.

St. Edward’s also has a very important place in Archdiocesan history, as it played a role in the confrontation between priests and parents fighting the desegregation of parish schools. The parents lost. Another location featuring prominently in this battle was German House in Lafayette Square.

I’ll have to admit; I first thought this was an Evangelisch Lutheran church at first, since the Roman Catholic Archdiocese rarely dabbled in the English Gothic Revival, but I grew suspicious when I saw the bridge from the house next door. This has to be a Roman Catholic church, I thought! Just look at the cool roof on the rectory.

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  1. Chris, I too thought it might be an “Evangelisch Kirche.” The stained glass seem to be un-Roman Catholic but the crosses seem un-Lutheran at the time of construction. Danke for this posting.

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