West on St. Louis Avenue, Summer 2019

I’ve been creating new tags for notable streets in St. Louis that I feel represent great cross sections of architecture and culture (such as North Broadway or Cherokee, and the newly introduced South Jefferson), and I’m now introducing a “St. Louis Avenue” tag, for what I believe is a street that best illustrates the North Side of the city. Recently, over several weeks I drove west on the street, which is really cobbled together from streets in different subdivisions of plats, and this is what I saw.

Update: The houses above were renovated in 2022.

JeffVanderLou is still struggling, and the buildings along the avenue are continuing to deteriorate, and I doubt help will come in time to save them.

But Lindell Bank, at the corner of St. Louis Avenue and Grand Boulevard, is still open as far as I know, and it not going anywhere.

Update: I looked at the houses to the southeast of the buildings below in July of 2022.

But moving west, past the now demolished Carter Carburetor, the scene turns more concerning, as buildings become abandoned, and a recent demolition looms on the north side of the street.

Further west, as The Ville and The Greater Ville flank St. Louis Avenue on the left and right respectively, severe abandonment can be seen. It is a shame, because many blocks are also intact, as well, with beautiful, mature shade trees.

But there is still hope, as healthy churches are still active on the street, as well.

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