1. beautiful church… my cousin just got married there a couple of months ago… the church has great acoustics for their pipe organ…– tony

  2. It’s a popular wedding church, isn’t it? I was at a wedding there two weeks ago; that’s when I took these pictures.

  3. I and my 5 brothers and sister went to grade school there for all of our 9 years. Even walked to mass every morning from school. Kindergarden was held in the high school which was across the street from the chuch. The high school also had a roller rink in the gym 3 nights a week. I learned to skate just so I could go there. You do know part of the church burned years ago and was rebuilt.

  4. Chris,I seem to remember that this church is supposed to be built on one of the highest spots in the city. You can see the steeples from a pretty far distance.

  5. I’m pretty sure this church was built on one of the highest hills in the city. You can see the steeples everywhere.

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