4400 Block of Ashland Avenue, The Greater Ville

Update: I revisited this block in July of 2023 (third photo).

Moving west on Ashland Avenue, the terrain starts to head downward, and there is a mix of scattered Nineteenth Century houses, and then early Twentieth Century tract houses that were built in the empty spaces.

So for example, this Romanesque Revival house above can sit down the street from houses that you would see in the areas around Tower Grove Park.

What is interesting, and can been seen in the houses and apartments below, is how developers create a rhythm with the rooflines of both building types. When you look down the block, the buildings create a cohesive street wall.

These four-family apartment buildings are in great shape and show how responsible owners can keep these in good condition.

These two houses below were built at the same time, but their fortunes have diverged.

We then come to Taylor Avenue at the end of the block.

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