The Lawrence Cribbin House, St. Charles County Heritage Museum

We’re going to be looking at Greek Revival farmhouses out in St. Charles County for the next week along with some other landmarks. Many of the houses are perhaps not “pure” Greek Revival anymore because of additions and elaborations, but I found it fascinating just how many survive.

In this case, this is the which is now a museum in the St. Charles County Park System. The porch is interesting to me, as it contains millwork that is associated with later periods of time later than the Greek Revival, yet retains the feel of that style.

This house was built in 1857 by Lawrence Cribbin and it was later bought by Fritz and Anna Kuhlmann in 1897, operating Kuhlmann’s Grove out of the property.

The St. Charles County Heritage Museum operates out of it now, as well as an addition out back.

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