AMC Theater Closes at Chesterfield Mall

Update: An additional closed theater added in August of 2023.

I was surprised to discover that the relatively new AMC theater at Chesterfield Mall had closed back on May 18 of this year. Yes, the mall is going to be demolished for redevelopment, but the Cheesecake Factory is doing very well and will continue to operate. There’s no reason to close a profitable business for tenant and landlord in preparation for a demolition that is a year or two away. And besides, the new wing with the restaurant and theater is self-contained, and could be saved while the rest of the mall is demolished.

I think the real reason is that people are not going to the movies like they were in the past. Just like they aren’t going to the circus as much as they were in the past. And let’s just be honest here, Hollywood is not making good movies anymore. I didn’t even consider seeing the new Indiana Jones movie despite loving the first and third ones. Wonder why there’s a strike going on right now? Greed on the part of the executives is certainly part of it, but the industry is in trouble, too. I find it interesting that the old sport of pickleball is now taking over, just like downtown Maplewood, which was once savaged by the now-demolished Crestwood Mall, is now flourishing.

Meanwhile, in St. Charles County, a movie theater, Regal Cinema’s Great Escape, which had spent much of its existence in isolation just off Interstate 64/Highway 40, closed back in late 2022 due to its parent’s company declaring bankruptcy.

The incredible irony, of course, is that now, a quarter century after opening, there are large housing developments being built nearby, with potential customers galore. Such is suburbia.

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  1. J says:

    Dang. I was last there in February, rented a whole screen out for $100. They hadn’t converted it to the fancy seats and wasn’t busy so I’m not entirely surprised it closed but it was kind of my own secret haven. I could watch a movie and then grab takeout Indian from the single food court spot and it would still be hot when arriving back home in the city.

    1. cnaffziger says:

      I was certainly surprised, considering the average annual income of the area. Shows the state of the modern movie theater industry, doesn’t it?

  2. Everett says:

    Things are dramatically changing this week as the theatrical box office is having a big come back. AMC has been ‘over screened’ for years and is closing unprofitable multiplexes all over the country, yet opening new ones in other locations. It’s a realignment, not an end to the theatrical film business. The studios will never let their most profitable distribution source die. Streaming has not been profitable as the cost of producing ‘streamers’ is very expensive and they are locked-in to a subscription service. The recent strikes will make them even less profitable as they will most likely have to pay better residuals. You can’t gross a billion dollars on a streamer. I saw “Oppenheimer” last week at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood and it’s a 1500 seat theatre that is booked up for weeks. They are showing the film in 70mm IMAX on FILM and it’s a glorious experience. TV just can’t beat it no matter how big the flatscreens get. BTW, I did a Barbenhiemer and made a day of it with a friend and saw “Barbie” as well. It was packed and a fun original movie with some smarts. Maybe this will show Hollywood that they will come if they make good movies and stop making the comic book drivel.

    1. cnaffziger says:

      I think you bring up a good point that original movies that are not simply rehashing characters and narratives that have been worked ad nauseum do show a way forward. Barbie and Oppenheimer have been doing very well for that very reason.

  3. Beverly Snider says:


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