Anheuser Busch Power Plant

Bellefontaine, Soulard and A-B Brewery 172

I know little about the operation of power plants, other than you burn something in them that produces heat that then turns water into steam, which turns a generator that produces electricity, but I do know that historic power plants around St. Louis are wonderful reminders of the city’s burgeoning industrial might back in the day. The A-B power plant is still active, though I imagine that it’s been converted into a steam plant. Does anyone know?

Bellefontaine, Soulard and A-B Brewery 214

Bellefontaine, Soulard and A-B Brewery 180 Bellefontaine, Soulard and A-B Brewery 177 Bellefontaine, Soulard and A-B Brewery 179Bellefontaine, Soulard and A-B Brewery 169

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  1. Kathy Wentzel says:

    love your blog!

  2. samizdat says:

    Many companies in the past used hot oil to provide heat (for various processes) to their plants, and I suspect that–given the presence of the insulated piping–AB may yet still use some hot oil in their operations. And judging by the yellow-y smoke emanating from one of those lovely larger stacks, they may still use coal in at least one unit.

    Of course these days, it’s all automated to the nth degree.

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