Anonymous Building, East St. Louis

I came across this building, seemingly an old store, on Collinsville Avenue east of downtown. I have no idea what it once was, but it looks to be one of the older buildings in the city.

While East St. Louis is famous for its beautiful early Twentieth Century architecture, the city dates to before the Civil War. I suspect this building, with its cast iron storefront elements, was built sometime in the 1870’s or 80’s.

The large vacant lot, with ever-growing volunteer trees, no doubt once possessed a building as well. The interstate runs close by here; the land is undesirable.

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  1. Love your blog, man. This building in particular reminds me of the multiple generations of stone and brick you find in old European buildings. The difference of course is that a humble Italian church might have taken 900 years to acquire such eclectic character, while this structure seems to have been in constant turmoil over a much briefer span of time – much like life in East Saint Louis.

  2. Samuel Moore says:

    Your blog is the best. I read it all the time and by the way I love St. Louis.

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