Another Art-Deco Police Station

North City and Elsewhere 033

Albert Osburg designed at least six Art-Deco police stations, which I believe were closed in the 1980s for three “superstations” that combined three districts into one. That’s down to two districts per station now, of course.

North City and Elsewhere 034

They are some mighty fine buildings; in a world where police stations now often look like crumby suburban office buildings, these instead had a real sense of style.

North City and Elsewhere 032

And of course they had garages as well.

North City and Elsewhere 035

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  1. Terence D says:

    Awesome. I’ve been a long time fan of the Mad Art one in Soulard. I wasn’t aware that there were others still in existence. Where is exactly is this one located? I’m guessing somewhere not far north of midtown?

    1. Terence D says:

      Maybe answering my own question. Built St. Louis lists five:

      2634 Hampton Avenue
      1901 Penrose Street
      3021 Samuel Shepard Drive
      2727 S. Lynch Street
      4548 Martin Luther King Drive

  2. ArtMan says:

    (Let’s try that again without prematurely submitting the incomplete post….)

    Note the metal FALLOUT SHELTER sign by the entrance. I can’t quite make it out, but I believe there is a faint “Capacity XXX” on there, too. These were common in schools, and all sorts of public buildings in the ’50s and ’60s. There may be barrels of water and extended shelf life foods still in the basement.

  3. matt says:

    is this building for sale

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