JeffVanderLou, Revisited, Again

North City and Elsewhere 003

Heading through JeffVanderLou on North Market, one inevitably sees something new, or more often, a house or two that is even more devastated than the last time.

North City and Elsewhere 004

This house sits all by itself now, with nothing surrounding it.

North City and Elsewhere 006

It looks like this house might have been repaired? It’s abandoned now, and luckily not targeted by brick thieves due to its green paint.

North City and Elsewhere 007

There is very little left of this church, which had been hit by brick thieves years ago, as can be seen in this earlier post. This whole area was wracked by brick theft back in 2010-11

North City and Elsewhere 009

This house’s salvation is obvious; its thick layer of permastone has rendered its brick worthless. I was surprised to realize I had photographed its destroyed neighbors years before.

North City and Elsewhere 010

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  1. Terence D says:

    Amazing… Just amazing what our city has lost, and what we continue to lose and how few care… I appreciate the continued exposure and awareness you provide to these largely forgotten areas of our beautiful city.

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