Around Immanuel Lutheran Church, Washington, Franklin County

It wouldn’t be a German American town in Missouri without a Lutheran church across town from the Roman Catholic one! In this case, it’s Immanuel Lutheran Church, founded in 1862, with the current church constructed in 1882.

Washington, MO Post printing office and attached residence of editor Otto Brix. Fourth Street. Washington, MO. Doorway: Otto Brix. Sidewalk: William Brix. Photograph, ca. 1890. Missouri History Museum Photographs and Prints Collections. Missouri Towns and Counties. N09168.

But let’s look at the general neighborhood around the church, which is a combination of parking lots, intact streetscapes, and the encroachment of automobile-oriented commercial spaces.

William Brix Residence. Second Street and Oak Street, Washington, MO. Washington Post printing office in rear. Acc. # 1956.396. Photograph, ca. 1906. Photographs and Prints Collections. Missouri History Museum. NS 37184. Scan © 2008, Missouri History Museum.

Below, from the spire of St. Francis Borgia, you cane see the neighborhood between downtown and Immanuel, whose spire is located just to the right of the smokestack.

Jaeger, J. F., Copyright Holder. Washington Mo. looking south. United States Washington Missouri, ca. 1908. Photograph. Library of Congress.

There are still some nice streets located nearby.

There is that certain look to the brick in Washington.

This historic photograph of 5th Street shows how it was mostly residential, with homes sitting high on berms. Today, much of this is gone, demolished mid-century for gas stations and fast food restaurants.

Jaeger, J. F., Copyright Holder. 5th St. residences, Washington, Mo . United States Washington Missouri, ca. 1908. Photograph. Library of Congress.

At the corner of Cedar Street (which we’ll look at the next two days), there is still some nice commercial buildings left that give us an idea of the original appearance of 5th Street through here.

This house nearby looks like something straight out of 1860s St. Louis.

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