Arsenal Street Between Ohio and South Jefferson Avenues, North Side

Why? Just why? We cross over Ohio Avenue as we continue our trek east down Arsenal Street, looking at the north side of the major east-west thoroughfare. We looked at the south side of the street back in May of 2022.

I was actually pleasantly surprised with how this business cleaned up and reopened this old automobile repair garage. It had sat empty and boarded up, and the current owners have kept the parking lot spotless, and even planted bushes and flowers. You can have reputable repair shops in the city, despite there being so many disreputable ones.

The little house above sits right at the intersection with Texas Avenue, of which you can see the north and south stretches. It is probably one of the first houses built along this stretch of Arsenal.

There are several buildings after that, with renovations that covered up their storefront windows.

I’ve always admired this Second Empire house.

Then we get to the backs of houses along Jefferson Avenue, with the rush of traffic on the wide street. South of Arsenal, there is still the huge swath of parking lot from the demolished Burger Chef.

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