Texas Avenue Between Wyoming and Arsenal Streets, Benton Park West

Texas Avenue in Benton Park West in between Arsenal and Wyoming streets is due west of Benton Park, and it sits on top of a huge old sinkhole, which was still largely visible in Compton and Dry’s Pictorial St. Louis, published in 1876.

As you can see above, the large sinkhole stretched across Texas Avenue (look to the left, and the fence line of the now-demolished country house to the far left shows the right-of-way.

Looking then at the houses, which are those little one story houses I like a lot, you can see that many of them are crooked and leaning in different directions due to subsidence.

Here are those houses up close; it’s a real shame they’ve been undermined by the poorly compacted fill, as they are really unique and nice little houses.

Back down the block by Wyoming is this amazing Second Empire house, which took the place of the country house seen in Compton and Dry. It is in excellent condition.

And finally, the half-flounder, which was already present in 1876, was sadly damaged in what was probably in an arson several years ago. It should be restored, if possible.

Note the large retaining wall, as the house above was constructed before proper street grading occurred.

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  1. Stephen Slattery says:

    Hello Chris, I enjoy your blog very much. I grew up in the St Louis area( Pine Lawn then University City.)/My parents were raised in North St Louis, Beaumont high grads) I moved from St Louis in 1992. I love old historic buildings. I find you column both sad ( bittersweet) and hopeful. Regardless I appreciate you documenting the history if these sturdy and sometimes magnificent old buildings

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      Thanks, Stephen! I appreciate you taking the time to write to me. What street did you grow up in Pine Lawn?

      1. Stephen Slattery says:

        3914 Philbrook. I checked on Zillow the house is still there, though several in the neighborhood are now vacant lots . I was 8 years old when my family moved to University City but I still remember the old neighborhood well

        1. Chris Naffziger says:

          I’ll have to go take a look! Thanks!

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