Arsenal Street Between Oregon and Nebraska Avenues, South Side, Revisited

Crossing over Oregon Avenue, which I’ve looked at here and here, we enter a block I’ve looked at before back in the fall of 2020. The whole north side of the block is the parking lot for Kutis Funeral Home. As I mentioned before, the southwest corner is dominated by neighborhood institution Five Star Senior Center.

Most of the houses are in great shape or have been renovated. Of course, the standout is below, which is the old florist-turned-artist studio.

Many houses are very old, as the crossroads of Arsenal and Gravois Avenue has long been developed.

After a Second Empire house and before we get to Nebraska Avenue, there are two Italianate houses, the latter a duplex, which have both been renovated recently after sitting abandoned for a long time.

Wait, what in the God’s name?!

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