New Stock House, Lemp Brewery

I wrote about the New Stock House at the Lemp Brewery at St. Louis Magazine a few years ago, but I realized I had never really taken any pictures of it in the morning light, which I did recently.

It was one of the last and most modern buildings built at the brewery, and was only used for a decade or so. It is also sadly scarred by those stupid windows knocked into its northern façade, which severely damages its original appearance. The back side facing south is incomplete; I argue that the second brew house behind here was up for replacement, and it would have been incorporated into a new and completed building that would have included the New Stock House. Prohibition interrupted the plans for a third brew house complex.

It really was intended as a giant refrigerator for storing finished beer before it went to the east to the bottling plants, so the windows were small and triple paned. And of course, because this new building destroyed the original offices, that is why the Lemps converted the Feickert-Lemp Mansion into their new offices, building the vaults out the back for the payroll.

The basement is only one story and it’s actually really interesting because you can see how the concrete foundations drop down into the entrance to the cave from the brew house.

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  1. I always like the way you share the stories of the Lemp family Chris. Thanks for the way you talk about them.

    1. cnaffziger says:

      Thank you, Dorris!

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