Ashland Elementary School

While Ashland Avenue is in the vicinity, the eponymous elementary school is actually on North Newstead. It opened in 1909 and was designed by William B. Ittner. The view of the front faade is blocked by trees, but it is still visible from the street.

Ashland School, October 1949, Missouri History Museum, P0900-27158-01-8a

As is typical of Ittner elementary schools such as Mullanphy Elementary, it has double front entrances, which I realized by looking at the above photographs, allows the viewer to see a front entrance, even at an angle.

It makes for a pleasing composition visually. You can see this in in Mullanphy Elementary School in Shaw.

And like many of the schools from that period, it is again in the Tudor Revival style. I actually looked at it back in November of 2014.

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