Back Wing, Old North


Update: This house has now been torn down and is a vacant lot.

I had stopped for a quick snack at White Castle on North Florissant Avenue when I spotted this intriguing house on the other side of the fence. It possesses a huge addition on the back.


Around the front, you might never notice it. I think we forget how many of these houses were later converted to boarding houses, or just simply had large service wings out the back. It would be great to see this house occupied again.



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  1. Mario says:

    I enjoy looking at some of these old properties and imagine what they looked liked in the prime state. I’m a inspiring first time property owner and I wold love to buy some of these old properties to make a good killing, but to also preserve the history of the nieghborhood.
    For the pass two years I’v been searching on how to purches some of the properties before mother nature really take its toll on them. I really need nhelp own finding the who has ownership of these magnificant realestate before its to late and they can no longer be saved.

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      Mario, you can use the city’s database to determine who owns the property.

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