Old North, Revisited Winter 2022, North Twentieth Street Between Hebert and Branch Streets

Passing White Castle, and what is now the vacant lot where this house once stood, we come across this grand house.

It turns out this house was at one point the home of Fifth Ward Alderman Louis Ford. It must have been really impressive inside back in the day before it was abandoned.

North of Palm Street, which is looking to the west below, things start to get desolate and abandoned really fast.

There are massive, overgrown copses of trees, unpruned and out of control, sitting in the middle of vacant lots.

It turns out I looked at this block all the way back in March of 2008, when I was examining the detrimental effects of Paul McKee, who was still hiding behind LLCs at the time.

Many of the houses he owns are still sitting and rotting, and guess who gets to pay for their demolition? I’ll give you a hint, it’s not the Queen of England!

Not surprisingly, even houses never owned by McKee are now being abandoned. This whole street just looks sad.

This house is not properly secured.

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