Bartmer Avenue Between Union Boulevard and Belt Avenue, South Side

Bartmer Avenue, between Union Boulevard and Clara Avenue, is easily one of my favorite streets in St. Louis, but I’ve never photographed it all to do it justice (I’ve visited once in April of 2012 and then again in May of 2019). The light was good two Saturdays ago, and I snapped photos of the houses on the south of Bartmer in between Union and Belt, which is the halfway point of this quiet enclave created by street closures. I’ll let the houses speak for themselves.

This last house I can’t figure out: either the front porch and walk are sinking, or the entire house is. I think the house is plumb, and the porch and sidewalk are out of plumb. It’s a stunner, and one of only a few abandoned houses on the street. It needs a new owner to save it.

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