Bartmer Avenue, Revisited

Update: I went back and photographed more of the street in the spring of 2021.

Bartmer Avenue, just southwest of the intersection of Page and Union, is one of those special places that few people know about, largely because three of the four entrances to the street are blocked off (the only entrance is via its cross street, Belt, from Page). I realized the furthest west houses are the houses in the last three pictures of this post from October of 2017.

Yes, this is North St. Louis, that whole 3/5 of the city where you’re told you’re not supposed to go or you’ll be immediately mowed down by automatic gunfire. I am not oblivious to the problems of much of the Northside, but there are large areas where stability and low crime exists.

And the beautiful houses, which I could easily trick people into believing are in the Central West End, are still proudly maintained by their owners.

It seems that the church has still not taken up that offer from that man who wanted to buy the house below, disassemble it, and move it out of town.

Good for them; it looks perfect right where it is, and well maintained at that.

I absolutely love this house below, which is one of the largest homes in the city.

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