Belleville, Sidestreets

East St. Louis and Belleville 127

Update: I revisited the intersection in the spring of 2019.

Belleville is not just some suburb of St. Louis; it has long been the county seat of St. Clair County, the seat of a bishop and has its own unique architectural style, while similar to St. Louis, has noticeable differences. The storefront above, originally a Stag saloon, is slated to become a history museum. Not sure of the time table, though.

East St. Louis and Belleville 128

Above, these houses continue in the species of house seen near the Stag Brewery earlier this week.

East St. Louis and Belleville 130

While this Italianate house is distinctly Belleville–frontal and not turned sideways like a rowhouse, as would happen in most of St. Louis.

East St. Louis and Belleville 139

Interestingly, and I’ve noticed this in other cities, as the Nineteenth Century moved towards the Twentieth, there tends to be more uniformity across the country. Was it the development of better communications systems?

East St. Louis and Belleville 135

I really enjoyed my drive around Belleville; it is still a thriving city and shows lots of potential.

East St. Louis and Belleville 138

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