Beverly Place

I don’t know why I had never seen this short little street that goes for one block in between Delmar and the 5400 block of Enright.


The houses all seem to date to the first decades of the Twentieth Century, and are a range of styles, often in the same house.


This house, right on the corner, looks both to Delmar and Beverly Place.


This is an interesting house, shrouded in trees and clad in stone.


You can see in the Sanborn below that the neighborhood was in the process of converting from large, “suburban” estates with single wood frame houses to organized subdivisions with brick houses. Large apartment buildings would come later and claim the two neighbors to the west of Beverly Place. Also, you might notice that St. Luke’s Hospital was just a block west as well.

Beverly Place

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  1. Christian Saller says:

    I love Beverly Place. Early residents in several homes were said to be doctors at the hospital nearby. Like many doctors of the day, they maintained an office in their residence. This was convenient for houses at the end of the block, esp. if the facing street had a streetcar on it. The two end houses of the 3500 block of Halliday had doctors offices in them originally, with separate Grand Avenue entrances. In Parkview, the house at 6200 Pershing had a side entrance facing Skinker for the convenience of patients. That house actually had no dining room, which was very unusual. The space was given to the doctor’s home office.

    1. cnaffziger says:

      I suspect this house on North Park Place had a similar arrangement with a storefront in the side yard:

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