Blairmont on N. 20th Street


Blairmont has apparently moved into a neighborhood of considerable redevelopment: Old North St. Louis. Just about the entire 3200 block of 20th Street is now owned by the shady consortium. Aboveis 3236.

Here is 3237–I think. It may be the vacant lot next door; it’s hard to tell when people don’t put house numbers out. But the telephone book sitting unclaimed on the front porch makes this house look abandoned, even with its shiny mail slot.

Here is 3238, which looks occupied with a car in the background.

And finally, here is 3239, which is a wonderful house that has been snatched from the hands of renovators who certainly would have tried to renovate this house.

Are these houses the wildest and most exciting houses in the city? Of course not, but occupied and renovated, they help contribute to the fabric of the city.

Update: Despite promising to do so years ago, Paul McKee has not relinquished ownership of properties in the Old North neighborhood as of April 2016.

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  1. Actually, 3239 N. 20th seems to retain non-Mckee ownership.

  2. Chris says:

    Thanks Michael, any hope that the real owner might actually fix the building up?

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