Cathedral of the Holy Angels, Gary, August 2023

I visited the second of two cathedral on my trip, the second that was closed when I visited, and the first of a diocese in Gary, reflecting the rapid growth in northwest Indiana after World War II. The diocese was only created in 1956 out of the diocese of Fort Wayne.

The Cathedral of the Holy Angels is a stout, English School version of the Gothic Revival, and is in great shape. The lawns around the cathedral are well-kept, in stark contrast to some of the abandoned buildings around it.

It actually reminds me of St. James the Greater in St. Louis.

I chuckled at the lack of flying buttresses, which are noticeably absent from the nave and transepts, and in their place merely engaged buttresses. This will not be the last time we see this on my trip. Obviously a steel skeleton, probably forged at the nearby U.S. Steel provides the actual support for the structure.

There is quite a nice flèche over the crossing.

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