Celtic Meadows, Nearing Completion

I’ve looked at the former John F. Kennedy High School before, then during demolition, and then last year as initial site grading had begun. We were surprised that by mid 2023 that the subdivision was largely completed.

I’m intrigued by the conversion of large institutional parcels being subdivided into smaller plots of land. Certainly many older St. Louisans can remember old properties that once hosted huge old buildings that have been demolished in the City. And now, such phenomena have come to the suburbs.

They’re nice houses, honestly, and we even toured the model. But what is fascinating is that the houses are going for over $500,000 and the builder is getting that much from buyers, as there are only a few left to sell–several hundred thousands more in price than the surrounding mid-Twentieth Century homes surrounding the new development.

Back up high above on Topping Lane, where I took the first panoramic photo, there are a couple of houses, some of which look abandoned.

A sign heralds the coming of $850,000 houses, and surely they will also find buyers at that price point. As West County remains desirable, and since land remains at a premium, it will continue.

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