Chippewa Street Between Compton and Tennessee Avenues, Dutchtown

We now jump to the south side of Chippewa Street, and we are magically in Dutchtown! The house above is somewhat famous for the huge weeds that sometimes swallow it in the summer. Now that Fall of 2019 has arrived, the overgrowth has tamped down a bit. Again, I do want to stress that it is a nice little house that deserves to be saved. Notice the change in elevation, which points to massive street grading.

The storefront above is interesting in that it is not on a corner; I see this occasionally and I cannot explain it. No, there was not a street there at one point.

There are more beautiful corner stores, as well as some stunning elaborate Second Empire houses, such as the one you see below in two pictures.

The whole street wall is fascinating through here, and I can almost imagine the German industrialist and brewers that must have sent their employees to build their houses along streets such as Chippewa, hopping on the streetcar to work at breweries further east.

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