Chippewa Street Between Arkansas and Tennessee Avenues, Gravois Park

Just west of Arkansas, prosperity ironically led to the annihilation of the historic buildings due to the need for parking lots for a bank. To the southwest, of course, was the old St. Anthony’s Hospital, which then went through different iterations of grocery stores.

To the east are a wealth of beautiful houses, often built right next to each other, such as this Second Empire house built right on the property line.

There is very little Formstone in St. Louis, unlike in Baltimore, but there is some, and we see it in all of its glory below.

Houses with Romanesque Revival tendencies, such as we see in the entrance portal and first floor window of this two family flat below, are also common.

I also should point out there are some very old wood frame houses, from when this was far out in the country and probably still referred to as the Common Fields, that sit next to later brick additions. Note the later picture window.

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  1. Antoine F Owens says:

    Hi Mr. Naffziger what style house is locate at 4748 Louisiana, MO 63118

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      Hello Mr. Owens! To answer your question, it’s a little hard to describe, but it’s very beautiful. We might describe it as an Early Twentieth Century Eclectic Revival Style house.

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