Clark Monument, Bellefontaine Cemetery


Tons of history abound in the precincts of the William Clark grave.


While William Clark, of Lewis and Clark fame, is interred here, so are many of his relatives.

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Of particular interest to me was the grave of Seddie Clark, who was the daughter of George Rogers Hancock Clark, who himself was the son of William.


She died tragically, and is buried close to the road. But looking closer, there is a small caraffe of wine, like the type you can buy for $2 at the checkout line of a liquor store, sitting on the grave. There is no explanation, and it was later removed by staff.


But it gets more interesting; I went back with my friend Jeff since we were in the neighborhood, and the same type of wine glass had returned.


The laurel wreath being placed over the cross is intriguing to me. In the ancient world, a laurel wreath was a symbol of victory, so is the wreath on the cross a symbol of Christ’s triumph over death?


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