Cold Water Cemetery

We’ll start our look at the historic roots of Florissant by first visiting Cold Water Cemetery, which was part of the John Patterson lands, which was settled as early as 1797. It is a fascinating and incredibly isolated place, accessible down a narrow gravel lane off Old Halls Ferry Road.

There are two Revolutionary War veterans buried in the cemetery, Patterson being one of them, as well as dozens of others who served in most of America’s conflicts over the years.

This was also the site of Cold Water Church, founded in 1809, which has now become Salem Baptist Church, located on Old Jamestown Road.

Of course, back in 1797, this was Spanish territory, and the land grant came in 1,500 arpents, not acres. Also, as was common, Protestant burial grounds were generally single family-oriented, as opposed to large centralized Roman Catholic cemeteries.

Despite its isolation, it’s well maintained and worth a visit.

I also saw this really nice farmhouse back out on Old Halls Ferry Road; does anyone know the story behind it?

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