College Hill, February 2021

Update: See the house above in the spring of 2021 (second to last photo). I revisited the house in the winter of 2023.

I’m still fascinated with some of the wood frame survivors in the College Hill neighborhood, especially the house above, which I’ve looked at several times over the last decade. It’s a rare half flounder, and it’s been holding on through harsh winters and abandonment. I’ve photographed it in the snowy winter of 2019, November of 2016 (third photo) April of 2018 (fifth photo) and December of 2018 (last photo). Outside the South Side, College Hill probably has the most surviving houses in that style of vernacular architecture.

But there’s some other nice ones as well. I’ve noticed some redevelopment on some of the streets in the northern part of College Hill, too, which is welcome. With the rolling hills, this is a beautiful setting for a city.

Update: See the church again in May of 2022.

Then there’s this beautiful Romanesque Revival church, which has taken on a new life recently.

I looked at it before back in the winter of 2019.

This cat was out on the prowl early in the morning when I was out looking at the neighborhood.

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